Our Story.

Easy. Local. Luxe.


I'm Larissa, creator of The Local Edit.
Born and raised here, I love the Greater Geelong region along with everything it has to offer. I have seen it grow from a small blue-collar township, to the development of the waterfront to having our own two hat restaurant that would put any big city eatery to shame.
Even though I love to travel, I have always been happy to return to our little part of the world - everywhere I have been has only given me more gratitude and appreciation for where I live and makes me love Geelong that bit more.
The Local Edit concept was first conceived of during the first wave of the pandemic - our world had changed forever and things were definitely never going to be the same.
As the Business Manager of my husband's business, we experienced first-hand the devastating effects COVID 19 had not only on our local economy, but also on our small business. The little guy was just not going to be able to make it.
Shopping local has never been more important, and neither has supporting each other.
There were three things I knew I wanted for The Local Edit;
 First - to make the gift giving process easy. Putting all amazing goodies in one place, in a luxe, beautiful package and include a card. Done! I wanted it easy for the gift giver to find the perfect gift and for the lucky recipient to be 'wowed' when it was received (contactless, of course).
Secondly -  to support local. The Greater Geelong region produces some of the most incredible products, produce and wares. We have global best sellers as well as the little business down the road that only us locals know about. The Local Edit is designed to showcase what the Geelong,Surf Coast and Bellarine Regions have to offer and actually encourage people into our region - so send these gifts far and wide!
Thirdly - provide value for money. What would it mean to buy one product from one shop and then travel around Geelong, Bellarine and the Surf Coast to buy another product and then organise a gift box, package it up - and don't forget a card?! Then actually deliver the gift yourself? The answer: time and money. The Local Edit solves both these problems - with just one click of a button.
The Greater Geelong region provides endless options and possibilities and that's exactly how I feel about The Local Edit. So look out for more incredible products, limited editions, special collabs and Supplier Spotlights on our socials.
Stay safe and enjoy shopping local - you will be pleasantly surprised with what you find. Larissa x